FRAM School aims to lay the foundations of self-aware, independent and happy students through the combination
of a local private school with an international curriculum.
This unique, modern and warm school environment motivates students to learn and develop themselves through classic, but reinvented subjects, fun and collaborations.
Our classrooms are gates for developing and discovering the world around us. We are passionate about what
we do and we attempt every day to form skillful, accomplished and unique individuals.

Our inspired teachers define the quality this school. Once we hire exceptional educators, we empower them to facilitate the best education posibile for your children


We provide a double curriculum experience, an international educational content with a bilingual teaching approach.

Our daily activities are organised in our learning campus, indoors and outdoors. Being a Cambridge International School, we implement the Cambridge Primary Curriculum, with 10 different, interesting, up-to-date subjects.

Your child will experience a hands-on learning experience, in a warm and prone to development environment, with like-minded children and teachers.

More than these, we provide an environment in which collaboration and communication are primary elements of education and daily activities.


We are guiding our teaching and developing our school with these 4 principles in mind:

  • Each child is unique and needs to be raised believing in his/hers powers
  • Children learn to be powerful and independent through positive relationships
  • Children learn and develop well-balanced in undisguised environments
  • Children evolve in their own directions and paces


In our school your child will grow up happy and self-confident. We believe that each child is different and each child needs to have his/hers own time to process the information and develop. 

Our mission is to offer high-quality education that will develop a future adult ready for the world in which he/she lives. We discover, develop, and support the unique potential of each child. 

Together with you and your child we write the beginning of a great story. And we will keep writing, since our school and your child are both on their way.   

We combine modern technology, with the love for education and we provide your child with:

Qualified, experiences teachers, who love children and have a passion for what they do

Extracurricular clubs, such as games, arts, gym, yoga, drama

Experiential learning, indoors and outdoors

International curriculum

Both English & Romanian communication

Non-competitive learning environment

Is FRAM School a good place for your child? We think so, and we’re not the only ones. Our current students are happy, develop beautifully and their families are satisfied. 


FRAM School is growing along with your child. 

We started in 2014 as “Fram Early Learning” as a pre-school learning establishment. Our mission was and remains to assure a happy environment, in which to prepare children for their next steps in their lives.

The love and attention we have for children has helped us build a place where every child will come with pleasure every day and will leave happier and more prepared for the future.

We offer modern educational programs, created by qualified and experienced people who want to offer their children everything that is best in terms of education (and not only).

In 2022, we are happy to announce that our pre-school learning establishment will go to the next level and we are opening a primary school, so your child can have continuity in the environment that we provide and he/she loves.

Our friendly approach with kids makes them happy and responsive to learning. Our way of dealing with conflict is firstly understand it and make children understand in order to openly discuss the situation.


We think that where we learn is equally important as what we learn and how we learn it.


FRAM School is conveniently situated in the city centre of Sibiu, in a modern learning hub of 1000 square metres, named Habermann Learning Campus.


Our learning area is an open-space location, warm, cosy and bright in which children are and feel safe.

Our school yard has a adapted painted track, where children play in their free time with their bikes and scooters, imitating the real traffic, observed and kept safe.

Classrooms are equipped with all the materials and technology for students wellbeing and learning.

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There is no secret to success, but when the right people in the same place, synergy creates. Everyone says it, but for us is true: our team members are very passionate individuals who love children and what they teach. Each one of our team is amazing in their own right, and together they are what makes FRAM School a beautiful place to be for the students. 

We are very proud of the team we’ve built, with over 10 unique individuals who share the vision of making a positive impact.


We have been here since 2014 as a preschool, and we want to share with you the parents’ experiences with our methods of teaching and with the environment we build for your child.


We follow both the Cambridge International curriculum, as well the Romanian one. Mostly, our educational system is based on the Cambridge one, but we teach the basics of the Romanian one. 

For the preschool level we offer “Mathematics”, “Natural Sciences”, “Arts” and “Literacy” from the Romanian curriculum.

For the primary school level we offer “Mathematics”, “Language and communication”, and “Natural Sciences” from the Romanian curriculum.

FRAM School is growing along with your child. Each year, we open a new level of teaching for our students, until the 12th grade. 

We follow the Cambridge Pathway, which leads seamlessly from primary through to secondary and pre-university years, from 5 to 19 years old, so your children will have continuity.

Yes. Our school is authorised both by the Educational Minister of Romania and by Cambridge. Also, we are authorised by DSP and by ISU as a pre-school and primary school.

Each day, the pre-school teaching is delivered bilingual, while at primary school level, teaching is delivered 2 hours in Romanian and 4 hours in English.

At the preschool level, the classes are 40 minutes long, with a 20 minutes break. 

At the primary school level, the classes are 45 minutes long, with a 15 minutes break.

For the 2022-2023 academic year we start on 1st of September and finish on 29th of July.  

We believe in an education that takes your child further, and the Cambridge Pathway gives students the skills they need for life.

The Cambridge Curriculum is flexible, both challenging and inspiring, which develops a long-lasting curiosity and passion for learning. The Cambridge curriculum also helps in developing essential skills for achieving success needed in the future. 

Ready to give your child a unique, pleasurable learning experience that will shape the future adult?


Habermann Learning Campus

Berăriei 4, Sibiu


+40 724 491 440


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